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How to improve your English writing skills?

Improving writing skills

How to improve writing skills in English?

It might look like an easy task to improve writing skills in English, but it needs a lot of practice to attain a certain level of perfection in it. This said, it might be a difficult task that can be time-consuming but it is not an impossible task. English has become an important aspect of our lives. We need it in our daily lives and in our workplace too. With the popularity of various social network sites, the importance of English has risen even higher.

In this article, we will discuss how to improve your writing skills in English. Speaking English comfortably is a bit different than writing it grammatically correct. You need to increase your vocabulary as well as basic grammar skills. Below are a few helpful tips for improving your writing skills:

You have an English dictionary with you. It will be a handy practice to check the meaning of the word you don’t understand immediately. By doing this, you can increase your vocabulary. You can use these new words in your future writings. With the increase in your vocabulary, the confidence in writing English also increases.

Read as much as you can. This will seriously help you to improve your writing skills. Not only will it help you to gain knowledge but it will also help to improve your grammar and the structuring of the sentences. You can select a certain topic and read a few articles on those topics to know the various styles in which writing about that topic can be done. Then, after reading those articles, write a small summary of them in your own words.

Solve grammar exercises. It will help in improving your writing skills to a large extent. Speaking English with correct grammar is comparatively easier than writing grammatically correct sentences.  Hence it is important to practice your grammar by working with grammar exercises regularly.

Plan an outline before you start to write. You must frame the writing in an accurate manner. The whole message of the topic needs to be presented in an accurate manner. The message to be conveyed should come across properly. The writing should have an opening, the subsequent texts, and the conclusion.

Be a voracious reader. Have the practice of reading and checking what one has written. It will give you a chance to revise any matter you will like to. You can also check on any errors committed. Reading gives way to finding errors if any. Reading will lead to more understanding of the draft.

Have the habit of writing daily. Even if it is a small paragraph or a few sentences, write down some sentences daily. Maintain a notebook for it. Mention the date and write something daily. At the end of the month, you can access the improvement you have made. Topics can be any random topics or you can choose to write about how you spent the day.

Writing better

Subsequently, don’t have the habit of explaining a certain point. Keep the text to the point and concise. You should be able to convey your message in a simple way. The lesser the words the better. You can practice this by writing about a topic in 1,000 words. Then shorten that to 500 words while conveying all the points.

Additionally, do not use words just for the sake of using words to increase the length of the writing. Simultaneously, do not use adverbs unjustifiably. Also, use a single word vocabulary for a combination of words. For example, instead of ‘you are really beautiful’ you can write ‘you are gorgeous’.

It will also be a good idea to read what you have written loudly. Alternatively, you can make someone else read it to you. Detect the mistakes if any. Also, by doing this, you can get to know the flow of the text and be able to deduce if there are any flaws in the continuity.

When you are satisfied that you have reached a certain level in writing skills, show your work to someone who can give you proper feedback. Getting apt feedback will help you to acknowledge the level of your writing. You will also work on the feedback given in your future writings and hence improve on it.

Having a partner can help you in any skill improvement and the same goes for writing. This can be someone who is an expert in English writing or a novice. In either case, you can write on a particular topic and then discuss it. You might also read each other are writing to one another. By doing this you are improving your writing skills.

You can also join an English class or a writing workshop. It can be classroom coaching or online learning. This will allow you to interact with people who have the same agenda as yours which is to increase one’s writing skills. It will be a properly designed curriculum with proper structure. Attending such a class or workshop will surely take your writing skills to the next level.

Lastly, we will advise you to practice and keep practicing. As the adage goes, practice makes perfect. Perfection is attained only through proper practice. So if you really desire to improve your writing skills, practice will make you perfect. After you feel you have improved your writing skills to a certain extent, take out your old notes and read them. Find how you can improve on it. Write about it again and compare the two writings.

Comparing the past and present articles will make you realize the level of writing you have reached. You can make out the level at which you have started and where you have reached presently. It is important that you believe in yourselves and your ability in writing. If you have a desire, nothing is impossible to achieve. With dedication and a proper structure of the plan, you can improve your English writing skills.