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How to Remove Deep Scratches from Car at Home?

How to Remove Deep Scrtches from Car at Home?

How to Remove Scratches from Car at Home

A scratch on your favorite vehicle can leave you disturbed. Understandably so; because a car is as dear to the owner as most of their other valuables! Moreover, scratches can spoil the look of the car, and the thought of unwanted expenses can play a spoilsport.  Not to forget that a scratched outer body can impact the resale value as well. The worst part is that however much you drive and handle it carefully, scratches show up anytime – a mere graze or a deep impact – leaving you fuming and frustrated.

The best thing is to send the car to a trusted repair center for deep car scratch repair in such a situation. But, if you do not wish to go through the entire process, here are a few simple DIY ways to remove a deep scratch from the car at home.

DIY ways to fix deep scratches on car

Before undertaking any DIY method for deep scratch repair, ensure that you follow steps number 1 and 2 meticulously.

Step No. 1

Typically, your car paint has four layers: the clear upper coat, color coat, primer, and steel surface. Before you start addressing how to fix deep scratches on the car door, it is essential to assess the scratch type. Apparently, this is required to decide the next course of action. Is it a superficial, surface minor scratch where the car paint has simply got removed, or is it a small car scratch or a deep scratch?

Step No. 2

The grazed area should be cleaned and washed thoroughly before a car scratch is fixed. The right way is to spray water on the affected area. Instead of using a hose, it is best to use a bucket of water to help save water. The idea is to remove all dirt from the area so that the repair can be more effective. Once cleaned, use a microfiber cloth to dry the spot.

Now, your car and you are both ready to tackle the question – how to fix deep scratches on the car.

Step No. 3

This is where you start working on deep scratch repair work. There are various ways to do so, and here are a few of them:

Invest in a viable scratch repair kit

Invest in a viable scratch repair kit

One of the ideal ways of removing deep scratches from a car is to buy a deep scratch repair kit. Look up the local auto repair and supply stores – you will have many choices of deep scratch remover kits from the best brands in the UAE. Most of these products contain all required materials to smoothen and polish the scratch and address small cosmetic issues of their automobiles. In most cases, the repair kits are affordably priced.

The next step is to apply a bit of the scratch remover on the grazed portion. Use the buff pad to rub and knead the area with the remover. Use circular motions to help disintegrate the smaller uneven edges of the scratch. Continue till the polish is gone completely. If the scratch is gone on the first try, you have achieved your goal. If there is still a slight appearance of the scratch, then redo the act once more.

Sandpaper and Carnauba wax

The next best way to remove scratches from a car is to use 2000 grit sandpaper for sanding the scratched surface gently. Ensure that the sand is aligned with the existing scratches and not in the opposite direction. Keep using water to get a clearer picture of the scratch from time to time. Ensure that the sandpaper is dirt-free.

Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another effective material that can remove car scratches by sanding the scratch and cleaning the surface? Try not to use the toothpaste directly on the car surface, though. Instead, use a microfiber or a soft cloth to do so. Keep rubbing the paste in slow circles across the scratch, ensuring to cover every corner and edge, filling the entire area with paste.

Step No. 4

You need to use a sponge soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the area now. Use a drop-size putty on the repair area and spread it using a tool. Let the putty dry – wait for few minutes till it hardens up.

Step No. 5

Take a very slender paintbrush for touch-up work of the area. Be very gentle, and apply a light coat to start with. Keep checking the paint every few hours to ensure that the scratch is well concealed – let the paint sit through the night for at least six to eight hours for the best results.

Once the paint dries up, and you find traces of the scratch still visible, you must add one or two layers of paint, especially advisable for deep scratches. Last but not the least, it is time to polish the area. Remember to use a tear-drop-sized bead – do not apply directly on the car surface; rather, use a microfiber towel and keep rubbing in circles to spread the polish thoroughly.

Another alternative is to apply a thin sealant film on the paint. After a night of drying up, you can use wet sandpaper and apply it to the area to mix it well with the surrounding.

Points to remember

Deep car scratches can be removed seamlessly, even while DIYing. Tips to avoid the common mistakes at all costs:

  • Avoid using the normal soap or detergents while cleaning the car before you buff out scratches from your car. Our day-to-day soaps contain chemicals like degreasers that can harm the protective car coat.
  • Be gentle with the car and the scratch; otherwise, the graze could get aggravated.
  • Never apply the scratch remover or the paste directly on the car body. You should use a microfiber cloth or a buff pad so that only the required quantity is applied. Read the instructions on the user manual carefully to understand the right quantity of the deep car scratch remover that needs to be applied.
  • When using toothpaste on the deep car scratch repair, please make certain to remove the paste before it starts to dry up.

These were the different ways to remove scratches from a car at home.  Do try the tricks and go ahead with fixing deep scratches on your car with these DIY methods.