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25 Dating Tips for Men

Dating Tips for men

Best Dating Tips for Men

The dating scenario has changed entirely. Gone are the ancient days when you’d had to wait for days before you received the precious letter from your beloved! Meeting new people has become easy-peasy. And more so, because of the introduction and popularity of innumerable dating apps in the scene, finding someone with a similar taste and philosophy like yours is effortless.

Whether it’s a virtual date over a zoom call or a physical date where you’d need to get out of your home (your safety and comfort zone), dating can at times become quite confusing especially, if you are a man.  There’s a lot you’ll have to focus on at once- Text or call? Movie or hike? Ask few questions or more questions? Trying to show you’re healthy and confident but not too much of either, funny but not obnoxiously funny. The ins and outs of dating can be hell lots of confusing.

There are some golden rules for dating that are both ageless and priceless. We have curated the 25 best dating tips for men that will help you on your first date. Now put your game face on.

25 Most Important Dating Advice for Men

1. Dating Difficulties

Dating is stressful, and it is more complicated than it seems. The initial dating period can get very hectic. Managing your work life and your date life together can become very stressful. But the excellent news is you’ll adjust in no time. It will become manageable, and if you are with a partner you adore, it’ll be worth all the time you’re investing in making it work. So hang on in there.

2. First Best Impression

The best dating advice for men is this- make one hell of a first impression. Even J. K. Rowling said, “A good first impression can work wonders.” It will lay the foundation. In your case, it’ll determine the chances of your future date. Besides, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.

3. Create a Comfort Zone

It is essential that your date feels safe and comfortable with you. Simultaneously, it is equally important that you feel comfortable about the person you’ll go out with and the venue. Make yourself a priority and choose a location that seems agreeable for both.

Dating Be Confident

4. Be Confident

Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can carry with you for the first date. If you are confident, you can make a plain white tee and denim look good. You can move valleys and mountains with confidence. You can leave a lasting impression on your date and make the lady agree to a second date.

5. Avoid Fast Moves

Try to make her feel more comfortable with you before actually asking her out. Keep the texting and calling game healthy before the actual date. This will keep her eagerly waiting to meet you in person.

6. Take Initiative

You can take charge to plan your date better. Asking the lady on a date was the first step. Deciding on the venue and the presentation will be the second. Women like it when men take the first initiative.

7. Meet in Public

Schedule the first few dates strictly in public places. This will make the lady feel safe. Cafes, restaurants, movies, fishing, parks are excellent first date venues. Try to know each other better by exploring different places better. It will also prove useful in discovering different hobbies, passions, and tastes.

8. Make it Engaging

A beautiful conversation with a beautiful mind is immeasurable. Try to have a meaningful, two-way conversation that will have a lasting impact. Engage in a conversation where both parties will need to respond. Do give attention to the lady when she’s talking and make a quick and efficient response.

9. Talk Sense

Be reasonable, rational, and logical, and speak clearly. Engage in conversations that matter. Talk about movies, music, politics, books, anything that will keep the conversation going on. Let the lady talk about herself, make her feel important.

10. Be Humorous

Everybody loves a funny guy. Be funny and witty, and try to keep the conversation fun. Crack good jokes because that always makes the way. Be funny but not obnoxious. Leave the serious topics for the second date and let the first one be all about having a good time and a good laugh.

11. Never bring the ‘Ex’ topic.

The woman you’re out on a date with would like to know more about you than your ex. Avoid talking about your ex unless she asks that herself. Talking about your ex is a major turn-off, and your date might form the impression that you still hook the ex.

12. No Phone Zone

Phones are a distraction that can ruin a beautiful moment. Don’t keep texting and avoid continually looking at your phone. Keep your phone on silent mode or switch it off when you are with your date.


13. Full of Manners

Bring your good manners with you on the date. Your manner and your conduct will judge you. Politeness and basic etiquette distinguish us from savagery. Show the lady you have manners in plentiful.

14. Never Play with the Lady

If you like her already, then confront her. If you won’t think it’ll work, then too, confront. Be straight up honest with her about your feeling. Instead of ghosting her, speak the truth and get rid of the guilt.

15. Confirm with Her

Never waste a single opportunity to make her believe that you’re interested in seeing her. Chances are, you wouldn’t pick her up for the first date. So make sure to ping her up before the date for confirmation.

16. Be Adventurous

Don’t limit your first date to dining in fancy restaurants alone. A little adventure never killed anyone. Besides, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You can stand out by giving her an adventure of a lifetime she’ll never forget. Take her to the mountains for hiking or camping or fishing in the lake. She wouldn’t say no to that.

17. Look your Best

When you’re looking your best for a date, you’re trying to figure out what’s attractive about you and showing that side to your date and the world. Highlight the qualities in you that make you unique, honor your style, and don’t be extra.

18. Compliment Her

A woman likes to get noticed and complimented. Appreciate her for her sense of humor, her wittiness, and her presence of mind. Appreciate her beauty and her clothing too. She’s dressed up for a reason. Don’t let her efforts in looking presentable go in vain.

19. Live the Moment

Be mindful and stay present at the moment. A wandering, absent-minded mind has no future with a second date.

20. Check on her Safety

Be a gentleman and make sure your data reaches home safe and sound if you are not dropping or taking her home yourself. Make a call or drop a text to check up on her.

21. Control the Enthusiasm

Do not invade her privacy and personal matter unless she wants to talk about it willingly. It is necessary to respect boundaries. If she wants to talk about a personal problem, lead an empathetic ear towards her problems like a decent gentleman. If she is reluctant to share information, don’t force her into sharing them.

22. Don’t Reveal All

You’ve got sass to spill, but what’s the hurry. Be mysterious but not too mysterious to scare your date off. Everybody has a story to tell, and only a few lucky individuals get to hear them if not live in them. Don’t tell your story right away on the first date. Show the part of you that’ll impress her for the next date. Let her explore the whole of you gradually on consecutive dates.

23. Lady gives the Intimacy Lead

If she wants to take the first step towards getting intimate, let her. It’s a good sign if she makes the first move. It might take a little longer than you had anticipated, but it’ll be worth the wait. If a woman is trying to get intimate with you, she must like you.

24. Never Over-flirt

You wouldn’t like to look or sound too desperate. Flirt with the lady; give her a compliment or two. But do not overdo it. Nobody likes a too-much flirty guy.

25. Go with the Flow

Be present at the moment and accept the situation as it is. Just go with the flow instead of altering or trying to have control over the situation.

Enjoy the moment, the environment, and the lady you are with! Have a good time and make her enjoy a good time too. Good luck on the first date!